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Thermal analysis of biotechnology instrument
Analysis and testing support of electronic equipment to maintain human cell cultures and nutrients at specified temperatures. The temperature of the incubator was controlled to 37C and the refrigerated nutrient storage temperature was also controlled. The client considers additional details to be proprietary.  The photograph shows Doug Werner adjusting the gas flow controls which Douglas Engineering also engineered.


Superconducting  wireless communications.
Design and engineering of a cryocooler for cooling superconducting thin-film electronic filters used in cellular and Personal Communication Service (PCS) wireless base stations. The equipment is mounted on cellular and PCS base station towers to increase receiver sensitivity and selectivity thereby allowing increased cell site coverage and improved call clarity. Responsibilities included thermal, structural, and fluid flow analysis and mechanical design using thermodynamic calculations performed by others. Two new required manufacturing processes were developed concurrently with the design thereby reducing total development cost and schedule. This orifice pulse tube cryocooler provides over 5 watts refrigeration at 80oK (-320oF) while rejecting heat to cooling air.  The photograph shows the engineering-test unit operating in air covered with frost.

Refrigerant evaluation and selection.
Thermodynamic evaluation and selection of commercially available refrigerants for a thermosyphon heat rejection system for a nitrogen liquefier. Evaluation criteria included heat transfer coefficients, environmental regulation compliance, operating pressures, cost, and availability of skilled service technicians. Pure refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures were evaluated. The liquid nitrogen cools Meissner-effect bearings supporting a high-speed flywheel energy storage system.

Alternative energy.
Technical and economic evaluation of innovative alternative energy engine for low exhaust emissions and low fuel consumption application. The client considers the details proprietary.

World land speed record.
Thermal analysis and rating of the boiler for the steam turbine powered car that set the World Land Speed record for steam cars at 145.607 mph in August 1985 breaking the longest-standing speed record set in 1906.


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