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Exercise machine.
Dynamic, rigid-body analysis of unusual elliptical striding exercise machine mechanism using Pro/Engineer Mechanica for CCS Reebok. This machine is unique because it has user-adjustable stroke length and an elliptical foot motion path. Douglas Engineering worked closely with the clientís engineers to provide accurate, understandable analysis while meeting schedule and budget constraints. The results of the work were summarized in a final written report.

Portable computer hard disc drive shock protection.
Engineering of a compact shock absorber system to protect the hard disc drive of the Rockwell Trekker 2020 belt mounted microcomputer during a three-foot fall onto a concrete floor. The system worked properly without any development thereby minimizing costly and time-consuming testing.

Automobile assembly calibration fixture.
Mechanical engineering and design of an Adaptive Structures Master fixture to calibrate automobile alignment machines in Ford automobile plants. This tool uses "smart" hydraulic cylinders to move and position suspension geometry over the range of track widths from 54 inches to 68 inches, and wheelbases from 100 to 140 inches. This machine can be transported to various Ford and Mercury assembly plants to improve plant-to-plant consistency.

Medical centrifuge.
Conceptual design and preliminary evaluation of high-speed medical centrifuge drives. The client selected three configurations for additional investigation.

Chrysler quality award.
Mechanical engineering and redesign of wheel alignment machines for automobile assembly plants. These machines allow the factory to align the front and rear suspensions of new automobiles and light trucks in one minute with the wheels turning.  The design includes provision for robotic tooling. The three prototype machines received Chrysler's quality excellence award in 1993; three additional machines received the Henry Ford Achievement Award for 1994. Additional machines have been delivered to Ford and Chrysler automobile plants in the USA, Venezuela, Canada, and Mexico.  The doorway in the middle of the machine is 7 feet tall.

Investigation of compressor bearing failures.
Modified refrigeration compressors used for cooling electronics were failing prematurely resulting in high warranty costs. Investigation supported by analysis indicated that oil contamination and high operating temperatures were the likely causes of the premature failures. A test program to determine the optimum oil flow rate and maximum oil temperature was started. At Douglasís recommendation, the client initiated a program to monitor oil chemistry and cleanliness to improve product life.

Gearbox failure analysis.
Investigation and evaluation of worm gearbox bearing failures in equipment lifts used in a manufacturing plant. Douglas provided a report summarizing the investigation and identified  alternative approaches if the gearbox manufacturer is unable to correct the problem.

Boeing 747 engine mount fixture.
Engineering and layout of a fixture for quenching Boeing 747 engine mounts made of aluminum sheet. Douglas Engineering worked closely with the clientís engineering, manufacturing, and quality representatives during the concept definition phase.


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