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Gas flow controls.
Engineering of a system to control the flow rate and composition of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide gas mixture for mammalian cell culture. The system uses a cabinet-mounted instrument with disposable components contacting the culture and nutrients. Douglas Engineering also performed the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for the gas system and additional systems. The photograph shows Doug Werner inspecting the prototype.  This instrument has entered commercial operation in Europe and clinical trials in the United States. The client considers additional details to be proprietary.  

Hand-held alcohol measuring device.
Analysis and recommendation of flow measuring orifice and pressure transducer for hand held breath alcohol measuring device. Douglas recommended design modifications including materials selection, options for minimizing potential condensation of water vapor and alcohol vapor. This commercially available product was featured on the front page of the May 4, 1999, Denver Post business section.

Fire-safety valves.
Analysis and design recommendations to eliminate failures of fire-safety valves used on liquid oxygen transport trailers.  Doug Werner also managed the design engineering of the trailers.  These trailers are used to transport liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon to welding supply centers and large users of gases.   Many hospitals use liquid oxygen transported in these trailers.

Blood pumps
Preliminary investigation into innovative blood pumps. The client considers additional details to be proprietary.


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